Market Traction

The AMETAVERSE business is in a high-speed growth cycle, in order for investors to judge the marketability of our products. The identification method uses the AARRR architecture. AARRR is Acquisition (customer acquisition), Activation (discrete product), Retention (customer retention), Referral (customer introduction), and Revenue (income). In fact, the AARRR framework is also important to measure consumers' satisfaction with products to determine which main metrics they can introduce to improve AMETVERSE. In Acquisition, AMETAVERSE will try to get more clients by using social media platforms like Discord & Twitter and through advertising/SEO/natural search which the company will invest heavily in. If any consumer signs up with AMETAVERSE, it means they have gone through the activation process as their data will be stored in our database so they can access our services. In terms of retention, AMETAVERSE will participate in various promotional services, such as providing AMETA rewards to players to ensure that they continue to play in the virtual world. In addition, users in AMETAVERSE will earn money by transacting with AMETA in the blockchain after playing games, which is an effective way to retain customers because of its advantages such as anonymity and transparency. In AMETAVERSE, users will be allowed to refer their friends and family members as they will earn enough AMETA rewards. Users will receive a unique code that can be shared with others, and rewards (mainly AMETA tokens) will be given to them automatically so they can continue playing with others. Finally, in order to increase AMETAVERSE revenue from customers, various strategies will be employed. For example, the winner of a game will pay 10% of AMETA as a service fee. Also, in the future, AMETAVERSE plans to partner with brands to sell digital replicas of their actual products. AMETAVERSE will generate revenue by marketing for these brands, as well as earning revenue when users make purchases.

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