Based on the issues that are inevitable in the metaverse, AMETAVERSE needs to find prompt solutions to ensure that its platform is safe for the consumers. The first solution it will address is privacy concerns, whereby, it will invest in superior software and hardware that will ensure that people’s data is not exposed to the hackers. Due to this aspect, the users of the AMETAVERSE will not worry about their online identity being stolen, making it possible for them to gain adequate income while playing the games. Consequently, in the metaverse world, the users are required to have virtual reality gadgets to play online games or interact with others. However, with AMETAVERSE, they do not need these gadgets, as they will only need the computer to access it to earn income by playing the games. This means that they do not have to spend a lot of money buying the virtual reality gadgets because they will utilize what is available with them.

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