Competition Analysis

Competition is inevitable in any business, especially in the technology world, because companies desire to provide the best products and services to consumers. In the metaverse world, AMETAVERSE main goal is to satisfy the consumer’s needs, which is what makes it unique compared to its competitors, who primarily focus on the function of the product itself. One of the valuable advantages of AMETAVERSE is that it is affordable because the customers do not need to purchase virtual reality gadgets like other companies. Instead, they can use the available gadgets, such as laptops and computers, to access the AMETAVERSE to play games with others and earn. Consequently, AMETAVERSE offers convenience to customers because they can use the AMETA token to conduct their online transactions when playing the games on the metaverse. The significant benefit of the AMETA token is that it is decentralized, meaning that the customers can make untraceable and anonymous payments in the blockchain while playing in the AMETAVERSE.

Furthermore, sustainability is a core benefit of the AMETAVERSE as we are determined to support it to fulfill the needs of the current and future generations. Since AMETAVERSE is an independent virtual economy enabled by the AMETA, we will ensure to incorporate multiple technologies and trends to ensure the consumers do not encounter challenges while playing games in it. Besides, consumers will have enough control and access in AMETAVERSE as they will only need to connect a reliable cryptocurrency wallet (such as Metamask & Trust Wallet) in the game. Their online identities will be safe from hackers, meaning they do not have to worry about their funds being stolen or their real identities being exposed. These aspects that AMETAVERSE provides to cater to the consumer’s needs showcase its determination to provide them with a safe online environment where they can earn to improve their welfare.

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