Token Utility

The AMETAVERSE Token (AMETA) is an ERC20 utility token designed to be the entrance fee medium for multiplayer games on the AMETAVERSE, hence facilitating the settlement of each game. The AMETA token uses Polygon as the L2 scaling solution and it supports multiplayer games on the AMETAVERSE. In addition, because it is decentralized, the AMETA token allows the players to transact anonymously while allowing them to participate in the development of the AMETAVERSE games, voting on game development roadmap features and new game content. The AMETA tokens will be utilized for various purposes in the AMETAVERSE. For instance, to pay for multiplayer entrance fees, players must use the AMETA tokens as entrance fees for each multiplayer games. Alternatively, the AMETA tokens will be utilized to collect collectibles such as the NFTs under the AMETAVERSE. Alternatively, the AMETA tokens will allow the players to vote in the decision making of the multiplayer development roadmaps.

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