Decentralization is the new era of gaming and compared to before, when players would only play games without real rewards, they can now earn income through tokenized game currency. We believe that all the players should earn profit from their gaming skills, which is the primary goal of the AMETAVERSE, as it intends to build a web 3 multiplayer platform to achieve it.

AMETAVERSE’s primary focus is developing blockchain games, strengthening the platform’s reputation in the blockchain game market, and rewarding the players for their gaming skills and efforts. The AMETAVERSE is powered by the AMETA token, which is crucial because it controls all the transactions in the platform, such as allowing the players in the multiplayer games to conduct their transactions anonymously and safely. The company has neem utilizing blockchain to power most of its games because we believe blockchain technology can help the players gain a real stake in the games they helped build. Besides, we believe that when gamers gain digital assets from our company, it can enhance the relationship between them and us; hence, we can better understand how to satisfy their gaming needs in the AMETAVERSE.

Because our main goal is ensuring that players benefit monetary from the games in the AMETAVERSE, we plan to give them higher control of the games to them. The AMETAVERSE is prepared to make the gamers enjoy the distributed blockchains in their games to make them more engaged and determined to enhance their skills to earn more.

By definition, a blockchain is a digital, distributed, and decentralized public ledger that exists within a network. In other words, it is a database that many independent participants maintain, but all of them have control of it since they have access to all transactions recorded on the blockchain. Decentralization is the main difference between a traditional and a blockchain-powered database, which means that the blockchain is not controlled by a single entity but by a distributed network. This means that no individual has the power to conduct any transactions without others, which is an aspect that AMETAVERSE intends to implement in its games.

One aspect that many gaming developers fear is that giving too much power to the players will undermine their authority. Even with this, they need to realize that when the players have enough freedom in gaming, it makes them excited to play the games, especially those that can help them earn money. For a long time, games have had a sense of ownership between developers and players, making gaming less fascinating as the latter can change anything at any time without involving the former. Besides, in some cases, the players spend more time and money without getting the satisfaction they need. However, having independent databases controlled by the players will be a game changer as the latter will have adequate control of their assets and utilize them as they wish. In fact, they can swap their assets for tokens to purchase anything they desire, and this freedom makes them enjoy playing the games more with other gamers worldwide.

Therefore, blockchain is necessary for the gaming industry because it will give gamers and developers an increased sense of ownership of the games without worrying who is superior to the other. In the AMETAVERSE, the blockchain games will be built from scratch around the principles of decentralization, and the gamers will have an excellent time acquiring digital assets to transact through the blockchain using the AMETA tokens.

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