Game Mode

Tokenized game currency makes the game more sustainable and playable, and also adds value to the game. Taking the game CRYPTO RACING on the platform as an example, in a 4-player racing game, 4 players each invest 1 AMETA's entrance fee, the winner can turn his entrance fee 1 AMETA into 4 AMETA in one game, an increase of 400%, which must be achieved safely, fairly and openly through blockchain technology.

AMETAVERSE is developing more games, each game is played by 2-10 players, including chess, Fighting Game, First-Person Shooter, and Sports Game and blockchain technology will be implemented into more games that will be created.

The goal of the AMETAVERSE is to ensure that more players spend more time on the platform for entertainment at the lowest cost. The reason is that the price of the AMETA will be determined by the available market. This means that when the price of the AMETA fluctuates, then, the platform will adjust the required entrance fee for each game to ensure that each game is maintained and that the player’s stake between $1-3.

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