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AMETAVERSE is a cutting-edge company that combines web 3 technologies with multiplayer gaming to create a unique online experience for users. Our goal is to revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing blockchain technology and decentralized systems to enhance user engagement, security, and ownership. With our innovative approach, we are creating a metaverse where users can interact, play games, and even own virtual assets with real-world value. At AMETAVERSE, we believe that web 3 technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts can unlock a new era of possibilities for gaming and online experiences. By leveraging these technologies, we can create a new economy within the metaverse where users can own, trade, and monetize their digital assets. Our talented team of developers and industry experts are at the forefront of the web 3 movement, and we are constantly exploring new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible. We believe that AMETAVERSE is the future of gaming and online experiences, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

What type of real-time battle games does AMETAVERSE provide?

We provide games such as chess, racing, strategy, football, shooting, etc., combining technology, fun, rewards, and blockchain. Under the innovative integrated game reward mode, more exciting games will be released gradually

What are the uses of AMETA tokens?

In addition to being used as an entrance fee for multiplayer games on the AMETAVERSE platform, AMETA tokens can also be selected as a pledge to earn income and purchase assets.

How can I buy AMETA token?

The Token Generation Event (TGE) is underway, and now everybody has a once-in-alifetime chance to get 10 AMETA for free.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted for buying the AMETA tokens?

We only accept payments with MATIC.

I have completed the purchase, why can't I see the AMETA tokens I have purchased in the wallet?

When the purchase is completed, you will receive the tokens immediately and view the transactions in the polygon scan. Nonetheless, you must manually import the AMETA you purchased into the wallet. Please refer to the link below to teach the import procedure:

How does AMETAVERSE get profits?

We will charge each winner 10% of AMETA tokens from the reward they receive as service fee.

What platforms are AMETAVERSE games available for?

At this stage, the available games are for web browsers, which is a convenient and unrestricted platform for games. We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome to play the game, and we promise the possibility more platforms to be supported in the future. Also, in order to maintain good game quality, please do not run other applications in the background while playing the game.

I'm a newbie, can I win and get rewards in multiplayer games?

Of course, you can. Players are sorted by region and randomly matched by the system, so your opponents can be at different levels. Winning depends on your skill and how you play. The more skilled you are, the more likely you are to win. It is recommended that you improve your skill from continuous practice in single players game mode and gain experience by participating in multiplayer games to increase your chances of winning.

What is the process of participating in a multiplayer game?

Firstly, you need to get AMETA tokens through TGE and put AMETA as an entrance fee according to the required amount for each game. The system randomly matches players, and the winner will get the tokens from the non-winning players from the same game as a reward. Rewards will be deposited directly into the winner's connected wallet after deducting the service fee.

How do I calculate the reward amount I get after winning a multiplayer game?

Taking the game "GREYS STELLAR" as an example, according to the game's requirements, each of the four players put 1 AMETA as an entrance fee. The total entrance fee for one game is 4 AMETA. After deducting a 10% service fee from us (0.4 AMETA), the winner will receive the remaining 3.6 AMETA reward. ( 1 x 4 - 0.4 = 3.6 )

Where can I find out the details on the timing and stages of the project?

There is a roadmap on the website. We will strictly follow this roadmap, even slightly ahead of the stated deadlines at some stages. Also, all news about the project, its promotion, current promotion, advertising campaigns, articles, analyses, and press releases about the project are always posted on the official Twitter and Discord channels. You can find links to these on the website's home page. Welcome to subscribe, and you will stay updated with the latest news.

If I have additional questions or would like to receive the clarifications necessary for me to make a decision, where can I contact?

You can contact us directly by emailing Alternatively, ask questions on our official Discord channel.

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